How to get rid of toxins naturally?

The problem lies in that people aren’t doing enough aerobic activity and they are not having two to three bowel movements a day they’re not having proper urination cycles and women have five elimination routes with their menses and women are not having proper menstrual cycles they’re erratic this is why you need a colon cleanse, because what’s happening is all these toxins are building up inside your system literally caking the lines of your intestinal lining over a period of time not only that but they’re leaking back in your bloodstream and what i’ve found is the root cause of all degenerative illness and disease is too much toxins entering the body and not enough leaving the body.
So it’s very important that not only do a colon cleanse on a regular basis but to keep your colon clean on a regular basis by eliminating the toxins and reopening up the elimination routes through exercise regularly through eating healthy through drinking proper beverages basically just drinking water if you can because that’s the only thing the body needs and wants on a regular basis is water.

Your body doesn’t cry out for soft drinks and alcohol and everything else you know in moderation you know it’s easier for your body to deal with it’s just when things become a daily habit that your body starts building up and building up and building up and not releasing these toxins and so by cleansing and you know by doing a good colon cleanse every now and then and then by maintenance by cleansing your colon two to three times a week just by taking some capsules on a regular basis that way you can eliminate or keep eliminating the toxins and so you won’t have too many toxins coming in and not enough going out that’s the basis of the whole disease process, too many toxins coming in and not enough coming out so what we’re trying to just balance that out and actually have more toxins going out of the body than are coming in on a regular basis and that is what health is all about.

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