Natural colon cleansers –  a healthy way to live

Colon plays a major role in digestion and eliminates waste from the body. It is important that it works smoothly. However, many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, leaky gut and other problems of the digestive system occasionally. Fortunately, there are things such as colon cleansing that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the digestion problems and toxins in the body.

The practice of natural colon cleansing has been performed since antiquity. This method has found interest from people once again from the 1900s. Colon cleansing using natural methods such as enzymes, natural tea and colon irrigation etc removes the accumulated feces in the colon and the large intestine. This Natural colon cleansers therapy offers a natural way of relief from constipation and eliminates waste without any side effects. As you begin the internal cleansing and detox. the body adjusts to the colon cleansing process and eliminates waste efficiently. Constipation is a common cause of hemorrhoids. Most people ask how long do external hemorrhoids take to go away?

The two different ways this process is carried out is as follows. The first method is to ingest  Natural colon cleansers through your mouth or rectum that enables the colon to expel its contents completely. They are available in drugstores and pharmacies. The second method consists of colon irrigation in which specialists of intestines perform colon irrigation by pumping out water through a small tube inserted into the rectum. There are potential benefits and risk associated with this methods. It is advisable that you know what suits you before going for a treatment.

Benefits of Natural colon cleansers:

A colon has undigested substances and toxins which are remnants of the digestive system. If these substances are not excreted properly they can become toxin and create adverse problems in the body. Colon cleansing can improve your vitality by

  • Improving the overall physical health and mental health
  • Enabling to maintain optimal weight by shedding extra kilograms
  • Increasing the efficiency of the immune system
  • Reducing the risk of getting colon cancer

Some of the home Natural colon cleanser remedies are as follows:

  1. Apple juice

Apple contains fiber which boosts digestion. Fiber helps in proper stool formation and makes the passing through anus smooth. It helps maintain your weight in a natural way. They also have remarkable characteristics of reducing the chance of colon cancer. Having apple juice three times a day for three days helps in effective colon cleansing.

  1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt supplies natural probiotic to the body and helps in flourishing the gut bacteria. The absence of bacteria causes digestive problems. The antioxidants present in the yogurt helps in natural detoxification of the body. Cleaning of the colon has never been easier.

  1. Garcinia cambogia

There are natural supplements such as garcinia cambogia that act as colon cleansers. The capsules of this product have six unique ingredients, which in combination with a balanced diet, a very little amount of exercise and even a very little effort from yourself will help your digestion, reduce your appetite, burn your extra fat in your body, improve your metabolism and keep you energized throughout the day. It helps you to maintain your overall well-being and physical fitness

Try these Natural colon cleanser remedies now and witness the result yourself.

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How to get rid of toxins naturally?

The problem lies in that people aren’t doing enough aerobic activity and they are not having two to three bowel movements a day they’re not having proper urination cycles and women have five elimination routes with their menses and women are not having proper menstrual cycles they’re erratic this is why you need a colon cleanse, because what’s happening is all these toxins are building up inside your system literally caking the lines of your intestinal lining over a period of time not only that but they’re leaking back in your bloodstream and what i’ve found is the root cause of all degenerative illness and disease is too much toxins entering the body and not enough leaving the body.
So it’s very important that not only do a colon cleanse on a regular basis but to keep your colon clean on a regular basis by eliminating the toxins and reopening up the elimination routes through exercise regularly through eating healthy through drinking proper beverages basically just drinking water if you can because that’s the only thing the body needs and wants on a regular basis is water.

Your body doesn’t cry out for soft drinks and alcohol and everything else you know in moderation you know it’s easier for your body to deal with it’s just when things become a daily habit that your body starts building up and building up and building up and not releasing these toxins and so by cleansing and you know by doing a good colon cleanse every now and then and then by maintenance by cleansing your colon two to three times a week just by taking some capsules on a regular basis that way you can eliminate or keep eliminating the toxins and so you won’t have too many toxins coming in and not enough going out that’s the basis of the whole disease process, too many toxins coming in and not enough coming out so what we’re trying to just balance that out and actually have more toxins going out of the body than are coming in on a regular basis and that is what health is all about.

Why do you need colon cleansing?

This question is “why do i need to do a colon cleanse?” let me tell you why, in my opinion why everybody should do and keep their colon cleansed on a regular basis. First of all everybody has what’s called a toxic threshold, everybody’s different let’s say for example my body can handle a million toxins on a daily basis somebody else might be able to handle five million toxins on a daily basis before their body starts breaking down.

It just depends on your environment etc. So how am I going to get these million toxins coming into my body on a daily basis? well let’s say I breathe in five hundred thousand toxins through the air on a daily basis let’s say I breathe in two hundred thousand toxins from the water that i drink on daily basis, the water that’s in everything let’s say I have two hundred thousand toxins coming into my body from the harmful organisms that are infesting my system, let’s say I have two hundred thousand toxins from the beverages that, i drink let’s say I have toxins produced from prescription medications if i was on those, or vaccinations anyway there’s a lot of different things, we could talk all day about the amount of toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis. So getting back to the question why does everybody need a colon cleanse, because we’re bombarded every single day with toxins now let’s say that my body can handle a million toxins on a daily basis but I’m taking in two million toxins on a daily basis where are all these other toxins going? how do these toxins get out of the body?

In the first place they get out of the body in the first place because our elimination route should be open, now men have four ways to eliminate the toxins, they eliminate them through urination, defecation, respiration, breathing them out, and sweating them out. Respiration and sweating can be achieved by aerobic activity two to three times a week that way you’re breathing rapidly and you’re sweating rapidly, and you’re getting rid of toxins, you’re eating healthy having two to three bowel movements a day that’s how you get rid of toxins through defecation and you’re urinating properly not at night but during the day that’s how you’re eliminating the toxins.